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Teachings of Mumbai Local train... PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aminur Rashid   
Saturday, 12 July 2008

Mumbai locals

Mumbai locals, the backbone of city traffic. Offlate, I tried to get into the shoes of a philospher and tried to analyse Mumbai local trains philosophically :-)


The first lesson is that you don't need to PULL (legs) of others to get at their positions. You just need to collectively push them to march ahead. So no pulling down from now onwards. Just push, whoever is at the top in your organization further top, and get into his position. And we all can grow.


No one cares, who is sitting next to you. Infact Mumbai local trains represent the true multi-cultural nature of India. 

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Beach Trek Across Arabian Sea: Gokarna to Honnavar! PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aminur Rashid   
Monday, 05 March 2007
Manju, my friend since my first team building workshop always comes up with nice ideas of ruining your weekend comfort. This time, he again come up with this idea of going on beach trek along the coast line of Arabian Sea. Beach-Trek? Where? From Gokarna to Honnavar was his reply. And where is this Gokarna? Why can't we go to Goa (again) if at all we have to be on beach. Well you will forget Goa, once you visit Gokarna was his reply. Hey, just a sec! I will forget about Goa? Man! Are you in senses? Goa is not just a place... What about water sports, what about Sailing? And more important what about babes? By this time Manju was like $#%#^$%#$. Finally after more arguments, I had to agree to him yet another times.

So it was decided. We will leave on Thursday evening, (March 1st), will cross Honnavar and will reach Gokarna by bus. And then will trek all the way back to Honnavar from 2nd to 4th march.

And after confirming Manju, that I am in for the trip, I did a bit of Googling on Gokarna and found the following facts :

Courtesy : ##

Ref-1: "Gokarna is situated on the west coast on India, south of Goa. Go-karna literally means "cow's ear" in Hindi and Sanskrit. This name is believed to have been derived from mythological legend, in which Lord Shiva emerges from an ear of a cow. This village is formed in between two rivers, which flow together and form a landmass shaped like a cow's ear.

This place is famous for religious Hindu rituals, as well as it's wonderful (and not so secluded anymore) beaches. These beaches are separated by cliffs"

Ref-2" Gokarna situated in coastal Karnataka is 453 kms from Bangalore and about 55 kms from Karwar, the District headquarters. It is described as a Shaiva Centre, as important as Kashi and Rameshwar. History has it that the Atmalinga brought by Ravana got struck here and his efforts to extricate it resulted in his throwing the coverings of the Linga to Dhareshwar, Gunavanteshwara, Murdeshwar and Shejjeshwar temples (the last places is very near Karwar).

The Mahabaleshwara is one of the major temples here. The deity here is two-armed, standing, and atleast 1500 years' old. The Bhadrakali and Venkataramana temples, Kotiteertha tank etc., are other holy places here. Gokarna is also famous for its beautiful virgin beaches and breathtaking landscape"

Map of the area

So with all the references, printouts (oh software buggers) of the area/route we all gathered at Majestic KSRTC bus stop before the departure. We were all together 10 of us, and out of them, I knew only Manju before hand. But then we were all guys and guys normally have common interests and talks. So it was not at all difficult to know each other.

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Bhagalpur to Singapore PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Aminur Rashid   
Sunday, 25 April 2004
8 PM, 25th April Hongkong Airport Transit lounge. Was waiting to board the flight to SFA on my first ever overseas tour. And just thinking of last 24 hours of my life.Will like to share what was my experience for the last 24 hours or so.
    9 Pm HAL Airport, bangalore. I was all set to go. My friends were with me. But still I was waiting for two of my friends. After all it was a much awaited trip and how can I leave without meeting them. But then it proved to be a long wait. In the mean time Minhaz panicked us so much that I felt as, if I am not going to get into the lounge, I am going to miss my flight. So I called them and bid adieu to them. I went inside the lounge only to find that I could have waited for another half an hour more for them at the airport. Any way, I was set to start. And I was aware of the amount of "English" I had to speak on my one month trip. So i decided to practice it right from the bangalore airport. And I started it off with the PCO operator at the lounge. After a call to my friend, I asked that guy with a 100rs note in my hand, "How much?". He destroyed all my enthu with his reply "Change Yelle madi" (No change)or something like that. Oooooppps, he was the wrong guy for practicing my english.Anyway I was determined to put myself into American Environment, so I just gave him a 100 Rs Note, a firm look and said "keep the change" with a nod like Clinton. And I felt really satisfied after leaving a change of Rs 3.50 with him.

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